Coulant fluid bleeder 

    - Environmentally friendly
    - Confortable
    - Easy to move
    - Ready for use
    - Silent
    - You do not come into
       contact with the liquids
    - Multifunctional


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  • Battery tools

    Impact wrench-Drill-Kit pistol!

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    Ideal for heating seized, blocked nuts!

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  • completely renewed KAP'SAM

    Now two new versions with even more possibilities!
    SAM has developed an innovative
    starting aid for vehicles which makes
    use of a special technology it guarantees
    and includes an ergonomically hi/tec design.

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  • Completely renewed tool trolley

    3463-91S 3463-91N 3463-91C

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  • compact foldable with charging station

    300 Lumens

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  • headlighttester digital Tüv + laser

    This headlighttester complies with all guidelines that are set for the correct adjustment of your headlights, including the requirements set by the German TÜV. The headlighttester can be used for adjusting large light and low beam and can also be used for trucks being used. Suitable for all light sources (halogen, xenon / bixenon and led / biled).

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RODAC International has been supplying a complete range of pneumatic tools, accessories and workshop equipment for more than fifty years through its extensive dealer network across Europe, which is growing every year. Rodac has become the market leader in the Benelux thanks to its wide and innovative product range and excellent price-quality relationship. By maintaining a high level of service, offering an in-house repair service, innovative sales materials and excellent customer support, Rodac lives up to its slogan ‘Your Powerful Friend’ and offers its dealers true value. Rodac is a ‘Powerful Friend’ for its end-users, because it offers them the best and most powerful tool at an affordable price, including a 2-year guarantee. 


 'Your Powerful Friend' 

The products of Rodac are especially in demand in the automotive industry. Garages and body shops, for instance, are among the main users of Rodac products. The plastics, wood and metallurgical industries, however, have now also discovered Rodac as a major supplier of powerful tools at an affordable price. 

This website not only offers a dealer locator to find your nearest dealer, but also extensive information on all our products and more. It also offers you the opportunity to view and download many handy pages on tools and materials, such as parts diagrams.


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RODAC informs

Locking lug nut removal kit!

The Ultimate tool to remove the most difficult locking lug nuts in the quickest and safest way.
Over the years the locking lug nuts have been dramatically improved.
Their design is more and more complex and the material itself harder and harder.
Problems with damaged lug nuts or lost keys are well-known in the tire repair shops business.   

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Let your dull headlights shine again!

Complete repair polishing headlamp kit includes: Sander RC169, RC166 polisher, abrasive and
foam discs, sandpaper, microfibre cloth, liquid step 1 and step 2 and protection spray.  

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The innovation for all professional sectors

We would like to introduce this innovation in compressed air field,
through a detailed brochure we will show you wich possibilities
there are and we will be able to convince the broad
scope of our PEA system!

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Now available: RODAC ‘Green’ sanding abrasives. 2x quicker sanding, 3x more durable

The quality of sandpaper hinges on the speed and smoothness of sanding and the sanding result that follows. A good sanding result means a surface sanded consistently throughout, with the same abrasive depth across the whole surface, without noticeable patches, scratches and rings. The advantages:

·         Excellent sanding quality
·         Exceptional durability
·         Perfect sanding plane
·         Clogs less quickly
·         Accurate and correct abrasive depth
·         Full range of products

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Locking lug nut removal kit